Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from another vacation that I need another vacation.

Back from the 3rd annual family trip to Lake Powell in AZ. Again my oldest brother Mark, Nina and son Carsen couldn't come. We missed them but it was still crazy without them. It is wild trying to organize 22 people.
AZ was HOT!!! But we didn't have storms this year which was great. Only about a one day was windy. The lake was super high this year which was interesting because places looked so different. Apparently it was 40 ft higher than last year. Which made the walk to the beach much closer. AND you all must know my thoughts on that. YIPPEEE!!
This year my bro Dave and his wife Sabrina bought a inflatable for the beach called Caribbean Island. It was so much fun!! It was crazy huge.

And we did lots of boating. The kids all went crazy on the towable, "SUPER MABLE". They loved try to stand up and do tricks which was funny to watch. One nephew, who will remain nameless, fell off the tube but decided to hang on and poor guy lost his shorts. I sadly missed it, but still loved hearing about it and laughed while watching him in his towel for the rest of the boating trip. I hope it is laughing about it soon.
Sadly my Mom fell off a rock and was super hurt for most of the trip. I heard she was the one warning everyone to be careful!
This year I decided we were close to the Grand Canyon and we should make a side trip. Well it was a little further than I thought so the kids weren't too happy being in the car and not at the lake. But it was interesting, large canyon in the ground. WhooHOO!! To be honest I went to say I'd been. It was not that exciting. I love Bryce Canyon and thought Grand Canyon was a little boring. But you go through forest to get there and that was beautiful and made me miss Canada. But we got a patch to prove we went there and had an ok lunch. I think the highlight was seeing all the license plates from around the USA and Canada. We are sad little people.
So our final night we decided to go out for dinner in Page. It was late because we were out boating so long. Page resturants were crazy buzy and so we hit the Pizza Hut and took over the place. A Late night dinner with 22 people who have had too much sun, overtired, week long fun was pretty wild so it was definately time to come home. We are now tired out and need a vacation from our vacation!

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